Advantage of vector images

Every day, we come across different images on billboards, on the web, on books, and in places, we visit. These graphics are important as they convey a message to its target audience. Therefore, clarity is essential or else; it won’t meet its purpose. There are two categories of digital images the vector graphics and raster images or bitmap files.  These two types are different from each other even if outputs might appear identical. While vector images sometimes show abstract images such as logos, raster images portray images similar to life.

Vector images use mathematical definitions. Each line in a sketch is formed of points with lines that interconnect them. These images are resolution independent because they render themselves in the space in which they are created.

In most cases, vector images are used in graphic designing. Here, we bring a few benefits of using vector images in designing so that you can understand the reason why most designers prefer using it.

It is easy to create vector images

It is easy to create drawings and sketches based on vectors however output might look slightly complicated.  These are usually done using Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand.  These are easy to use programs giving a designer the freedom to showcase ideas and express creativity through the help of tools. You will be pleased to see the output of these programs.

No distortion of images

You can easily do away this issue in designing if you choose to use vector graphics. Drawings can be easily enlarged without any distortion. Unlike raster images that become jagged and blurred when enlarged. Thus, there is no fear and apprehensions of using vector images in different sizes.  The image or drawing remains sharp with none of its part looking different. When the image is stretched, it becomes neither pixelated nor blurry.

Vector images are scalable

This is one of the greatest benefits of vector drawings. You can scale them to whatever size you wish without compromising the quality. You can make them huge for a billboard or small for a letter hand. This is one of the main reasons why these are an ideal choice for designing company logos and other designs that often have to be resized. A designer always wants his design to be scalable so that it can be used in different mediums.

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