Is it very likely? No but there is a slight chance. For some reason in Dragon ball Z, characters that can take punches that would destroy worlds can still be cut by swords and hurt by bullets. This had been shown multiple times. So with this in mind it’s not inconceivable to imagine a scenario where Naruto uses tact and his jutsu which would be unusual to Goku to catch Goku off guard and stab him with a kunai. Let’s also not forget Goku’s bad habit of treating every fight like it was play time. He always holds back and often times will allow himself to get hit to gauge his enemy. If Naruto fought for keeps like a real shinobi, NO GAMES, he could win. It doesn’t have to be power against power. Goku is obviously more powerful than anything except whoever the next villain in DBZ is. Lol. I want to add, watch Dragon Ball Super. In the beginning Goku is grazed by ordinary bullets from ordinary bandits. Bullets that move at a speed not too much faster than sound. Naruto dodges attacks that are close to the speed of light and by some estimates are the speed of light. One last time for everyone that’s either slow or just easily butthurt; I’m not saying Naruto could wipe the floor with Goku no problem. I’m saying it’s possible. If you use your brain analytically you’ll agree.

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