The Character’s Personality Traits

It is so very important to get to know your character. If you answer these simple questions when you are laying the foundation for your design, your design will be believable and living to the audience:

  • Is the character slow to anger or constantly in a rage?
  • Is the character shy or bold?
  • Is the character greedy or generous?
  • Is the character sneaky or gullible?
  • Is the character superstitious?
  • How romantic is the character?
  • Does the character have any personality quirks such as twitches, psychoses, or phobias?
  • What, if any, are the character’s defining moments?
  • Has the character had any triumphs or failures?
  • How does the character treat others?
  • What are the character’s politics?
  • Is the character religious?
  • Does the character own property?
  • Does the character have servants, pets, a harem, etc.?
  • Does the character have any unusual mental or physical characteristics?
  • What are the character’s day-to-day activities?
  • Is your character a couch potato or a soldier?

The Character’s Look

Once you know your character’s personality, it is just as important to know his or her look. Ask yourself the following questions to help refine your mental image of the character:

  • How technically advanced is the character? Is he a caveman, space jockey, or bottom-dwelling scum sucker?
  • What are the character’s defensive capabilities?
  • What are the character’s offensive capabilities?
  • Does the character wear clothing, armor, or costumes?
  • Does the character have style, and, if so, what is that style like?
  • What are the audience’s expectations for the character? What does the audience expect visually? How does the audience expect the character to act?

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