Dragon Ball Inspires

One of the many reasons why Dragon Ball has such a huge fan base is that it inspires. The actions of Goku, Vegeta and the other main characters inspire us to take actions and be more like them. It’s a huge part of the Dragon Ball fandom. Fans see them “powering up” and they want to get powered up. Especially for boys who want to get super huge muscles in the gym or train in the martial arts. But it’s not only limited to physical change, or boys for that matter.

On The Dao of Dragon Ball Blog, a fan named Monica shared her story of how Vegeta gave her more confidence. Monica said, “I like the tenacity of his character and I identify with him a lot. My favorite thing about Vegeta is that he’s not always the best, but he’s always trying to be. Vegeta gets kind of a bad reputation, but sometimes charging in guns blazing is the best way to do things, especially if over thinking it is your weakness.”

A few months after the interview she got a tattoo of the Saiya-jin royal crest on her wrist. She said,“The truth is, I have anger issues mostly due to anxiety and frustration at wanting to accomplish more. I have a tendancy to get angry and yell at people or confront them, but all my anger comes from lack of confidence. So yes, I do identify with Vegeta and I relate to his flaws, but I also try to learn from his confidence. I feel like the tattoo will remind me to be more confident.” For Monica, Dragon Ball is more than just action and fights, it’s about connecting with the characters and story. “The reason Vegeta is my favorite is because I think he has the best character development. He’s the one that drew me into it.” The Saiya-jin royal crest is a symbol of pride for Vegeta, and for Monica her tattoo serves as a reminder to value her own self worth.

A young man named Joshua also shared his story on The Dao of Dragon Ball Blog, saying that he relied on Goku’s worldview to help him persevere through a dark valley of life. In 2011, Joshua recently lost his job and had to move back in with his parents. He said, “I was not in a good place. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone, or have anything to do with anything. I had no social life and just sat in my room and stared at the ceiling.” Things were not going well and he was depressed and alone. This led to thoughts of suicide.

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