Dragon Ball Super

Theres this plot hole where Frieza knows about Majin Buu and Beerus from King Cold, but Beerus doesnt seem to know who Buu is (when he meets him on Earth) but he knows Frieza.

Buu is stronger than Frieza, yet Whis only mentioned to Beerus about Goku beating Frieza. Surely, killing Buu is a greater accomplishment than killing Frieza? Then why not mention it? Also, Neither Beerus or Whis acknowledge knowing Buu when they see him on Earth.

So we can assume Beerus and possibly Whis dont know about Buu. So heres a theory explaining this discrepancy.

Assumption 1 for theory: The Frieza race can live for thousands of years.

Theory: Buu has existed millions of years before Beerus assumed his position. However, long before Beerus showed up, Buu was trapped in his prison bubble. In that way, Beerus never heard about him, and Whis maybe forgot about him.

One day, when Beerus was in his million year slumbers, Babadi awoke Buu, went on a rampage, nearly killed all the Supreme Kais, then got stopped and Buu became imprisoned again. During Buus rein of terror, he invaded and destroyed many planets belonging to the “Cold Empire” (King Cold or his fathers empire). Perhaps during this time some members of Frieza family were killed by Buu as they fought to defend their empire(long before Friezas birth). This left a deep psycological scar on the Frieza clan, who know feared this monster (Buu). Eventually, Buu was stopped by the SK’s long before Beerus woke up next time.

Its possible even Whis had no idea about Buu’s rampage because he cant see everything. After all, he had no idea Golden Frieza had invaded earth during the Fukatsu No F arc, Bulma had to contact him and got lucky.

Eventually, Frieza is born. Frieza meets Beerus at some point when he wakes up.

So in this way the legend of Majin Buu got passed down to Frieza and Frieza got to know Beerus WITHOUT Beerus ever having heard of Majin Buu.

Theory 2: Isnt it a coincidence that the one planet a Saiyan lands on who then become a hero and unlocks legendardy super saiyan tranformations, HAPPENED to be inhabited by a Namekian who brought Dragon Balls to said Planet. Said planet also coincidentally attracts the attention of Beerus. Said planet then brings forth fighters to protect the universe from being Erased.

Thats too many coincidences.

What one thing links together all these events? Why its Majin Buu of course!.

Buu is a being of immense magic who has been trapped on Earth for millions and millions of years. Perhaps this magic to some degree has been leaking out of his prison and onto Earth? Perhaps over millions of years this affected the development of life on Earth? (Think why animal-human hybrids exist, like a Dog for world President). Thats why things like a “fountain of immortality” existed for Master Roshi to drink from. The existence of senzu beans?

These are minor trivial impacts. Think bigger.

What if this magic leaking caused other effects? Such as somehow being able to attract a refugee Namekian to land on Earth and bring Dragon balls with him? Such as attracting the 1 saiyan who would survive Planet Vegetas destruction and get strong enough to kill Frieza then fight in the ToP?Giving Beerus visions of a rival.

Perhaps there is no plan. The leaking Buu magic caused random weird events. However, across infinite multiverse, eventually you have events occuring like we have seen in DB,DBZ and DBS. Meaning the anime/manga just shows 1 of infinited universes where events have played out the way they did by trial and error caused by Buu magic.

Theory 3: What are Buu’s origins? Connection to Super Dragon balls? Zalama? Survivor of the 6 destroyed universes? CAUSE of the destruction of the 6 universes.

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