The evolution of Son Goku

Decided to go with certain themes for each form:

Base – I wanted OG Goku. Pre-Roshi. Wanted it to represent the very beginning of his journey (to the west).

SSJ – Went with the first time he transformed on Namek. The simpler hair. The cell got a green shading for the sky of Namek.

SSJ2 – Probably the least iconic form. Just looked for a pic that clearly distinguished itself from raw SSJ. The cell is blue for his fight with Majin Vegeta under the blue sky.

SSJ3 – Wanted him to have the halo for this one since that is how the form was revealed. The cell is purple for the sky in the world of the Kais.

SSJG – The form has been used so rarely that I didn’t have much choice really. The cell is dark coloured to represent his fight in the stratosphere with Beerus.

SSJB – Definitely had to get one in the Whis outfit. The ugly green colour represents the sky in Trunks’ world where the form got it’s main showcase.

Omen – Wanted one in his undershirt unlike most art which has him shirtless. We never got shirtless Omen. The cell is faded red for the aura in the promo of his heat.

UI – Not too much to offer for this form just yet and I may end up changing this cell even though it was a tonne of work getting it cropped that cleanly. No colour (that looks good) really fit so I just went with a faded grey.

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