Just jump in and begin where you are at. You will learn the nature of the materials, I just strongly advise that you start with a good water color paper first.

Learn how to manipulate a watercolored drop, how it roles on the paper when you tilt it. How it will look when it is dry, observe the water rings full of color and the fading in parts. Experiment with strokes, with various types of brushes. What happens when you mix certain colors together. What happens when you angle a blow dryer on that drop of paint. You will discover techniques, you will learn the nature of the medium much faster than in a formal student / teacher environment.

Having said that, at a certain point in time, for any given reason, you will reach a point where you come to an end of effectively teaching yourself. That is the time to look else where, perhaps in a formal setting, via watercolor workshops, private lessons from a practicing artist, or in college. In the meantime, you tube is has a wealth of tutorials where you can extract needed information.

Drawing is something you can do at the same time. Once again, jump in where you are at, do it all at once. It will take years if not decades to master any one method of self expression so, jump in where you are at, practicing is the path to perfection. Key words: perspective, shading: cross hatching, dotism, human body proportions, facial features, human anatomy (muscles, blood veins, etc. look to Michelangelo and Da vinci’s drawings). Experiment with pens, pencils, charcoal, etc.).

My very first adult painting was created moments after I bought my first tubes of watercolor, I jumped in and began to tinker with the paints to see what would happen. Several years later, after I began to sell prints of my work, I decided to have that first effort printed. It became my best seller.

There is no right, wrong nor magic way to approach making art, the magic is in the making of art, the right way is to just do it and the wrong way is to not do it and be inhibited by contrive rules and regulations.

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