How to organize your files.

  • Main software file (native file): Adobe InDesign, Publisher, MS Word, PowerPoint (Note: we recommend using professional design software whenever possible!)
  • Image/graphics folder: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PICT, BMP, EPS
  • Fonts folder (This can be generated automatically if you are using a professional design software.) If you don’t know how to access your fonts, I recommend that you use standard fonts found in most computer systems in your designs. This will limit the amount of text shifting that may occur when the pre-press staff at your print shop works with your file. (EX: Times New Roman, Garamond, Helvetica, Arial, etc.)
  • PDF of document

NOTE: Putting all of these files and sub-folders in ONE folder will make it easier for your software to locate the images when the file is opened. This will also make your job and the print shop’s staff job easier when printing your project.

Example of how to organize your files.


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