Goku and Jiren knock each other off the fighting stage. Freeza, being the last fighter, wins and Universe 11 is erased.

Goku, having already displayed a problem with universe’s being erased and displaying the potential for a confrontation with the Grand Priest, confronts Zeno and the Grand Priest.

Beerus gets in Goku’s face about it, but Zeno allows it to continue since he likes Goku. The Grand Priest orders Beerus and Whis to kill Goku for his behavior. Beerus refuses and Whis is torn about what to do, but ultimately elects to stay out of it.

The Grand Priest, growing ever more angry, demands that Zeno erase Goku. Still Goku’s friend, Zeno refuses, which sets the Grand Priest’s plan into motion. He kills Zeno and announces his plan to erase all universes and start over. He calls the angels to his side, but Whis and Vados refuse.

Freeza is unable to make his wish since it’s revealed the Super Dragon Balls were linked to Zeno’s life. Irritated by this, he attacks the Grand Priest directly, only to be erased instantly.

The final few minutes of the last episode are if Goku and the others escaping and preparing for the war with the angels.

That’s my desire, but it’ll never happen.

My real world prediction. Goku defeats Jiren and wishes that the erased universe’s are restored.

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