No! Toppo was in essence a god of destruction apprentice. Meaning that Toppo was on his way to become a god of destruction but he was not a god of destruction. And Vegeta was able to beat Toppo fair and square.

But does that make Vegeta as strong as the other gods of destruction?! No! Toppo was a god of destruction apprentice. I seriously doubt Toppo was within the same level of power as the other gods of destruction.

The biggest sign that Toppo was not even within the standard level of a god of destruction, rests on how he looked. From what we’ve seen from the true gods of destruction, they don’t change their look because of their god of destruction power. Toppo did! I seriously doubt Toppo could match the weakest god of destruction. Even Belmod was clearly disappointed at Toppo. And why would he be disappointed if Toppo was at his level?! He wouldn’t! Nor he couldn’t!

So Vegeta new form, which apparent closest thing to a name it has is Beyond SSB, places him close enough to at least be considered god of destruction apprentice material, but not on the level of a god of destruction.

I believe true DB fans can see the difference between being close to something and actually being there. As I also believe fanboys will say it’s all semantics and that Toppo was at the same level as the true gods of destructions, although there is zero evidence of that!

Vegeta is close to reaching true god of destruction level, but he’s still not there!

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