As Goku dashes toward Jiren, he slips out a heavy punch, only for it to miss and hit the surrounding thin air. Jiren quickly counterattacks Goku with a spinning elbow attack in a blink of an eye that only the by standing gods can perceive such incredible speed. In that very moment, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and leads out another attack. Jiren effortlessly dodges the assault and delivers an astounishing kick to Goku’s ribcage, pushing him backwards with such an surmountable force. Now that he has Jiren’s powers measured, Goku understands that he must go full power in order to defeat this threat that can cause the destruction of his universe. With all his might, Goku transforms into his Limit Breaker form. As the audience become awed by his newly found power, Goku rushes toward Jiren but was beaten back by just his one index finger. Goku, lying on the ground in disbelief, flashbacks to his happiest moment in life that is with Chi Chi, Gohan, and Goten. As Jiren approaches, he place his two gray hands on Goku’s muscular thighs. Slowly but surely, he moves his hands toward Goku’s feet. Clothes ripped, bones shattered, and blood splattered, nothing he can do could stop Jiren now. As the audience looks on, Jiren puts Goku’s feet in his mouth, tonguing each and every one of his sweaty Saiyan toes. Dazed and confused, Goku could only watch as this gray monster continues to commit fowl deeds in front of the gods no less. Jiren then rips off the remains of his pants and grabs his sausage. He strokes his big Saiyan balls that is the size of two golf balls. Jiren moves his big gray head towards Goku’s pelvis with an intention to suck the Saiyan DNA out of him. As the crowd looks on in disgust, Jiren enters his big gray Jirenator into the blackhole entity of Goku. With each pounding, as their skins touches one another, Goku grabs onto Jiren’s gluteus and accepts his fate as if this was all but a dream.

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