It is my belief that Broly has a power a little bit past Janemba, for multiple reasons:

  1. Broly didn’t even flinch to a Kamehameha from Goku that hit him at point blank range, while Goku at the same power did the same thing to Perfect Cell and it ripped him apart.
  2. Broly showed no signs of pain or any energy loss during a pretty lengthy fight with Piccolo the super namek, Trunks Ascended SSJ, Vegeta Ascended SSJ, Teen Gohan SSJ, and Goku Ascended SSJ, until the final moments where he was hurt by a punch with all the energy from all five of them.
  3. Vegeta, and Goku felt his power and were afraid of him. Both of whom would normally treat an enemy who is stronger than them as a challenge or with anger, not fear.
  4. (small thing) in a LOT of dbz games, Broly is in the opening cutscenes and is unable to be brought down except when Goku and Vegeta combine and fight him as Gogeta. This is my belief and you have a right to think otherwise.

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