Vegeta and Ultra Instinct

First of all, DBSuper has been nothing but catering to it’s fans in regards to what we have wanted and what we want to see.

Vegeta is one of the most popular characters in DBZ if not the most popular and well liked and Toriyama has come to accept that hence why vegeta has been either stronger than or consistently on par with Goku since the beginning of Super. It’s far too common to hear fans say “vegeta needs to the spotlight” and toriyama knows that. It will either be this arc, or one very soon where vegeta gets the win.

As for the hints and suggestions that you stated, that’s all true and I have notieced that as well.

Something you didn’t mention is this: The writers intentionally gave vegeta a new daughter at the same time this arc started. It wasn’t filler, it was a part of the build up to this tournament. They wouldn’t do that without reason. They are giving him more to fight for. Also, every character has had an opponent worthy of them on u7 accept Vegeta. I think Vegeta will either take care of Hit, Jiren, or this unknown menacing power lurking in the shadows.

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