Some quotes are:

“I will not let you destroy my world!” – Goku to Beerus in the movie: Battle of Gods.

“I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to goodNightmare to you!”- Goku to Frieza in the original DBZ Funimation dub.

“You can take control of my mind and my body, but there is one thing a Saiyan always keep… his PRIDE!” – Vegeta to Babidi as Babidi tries to control Vegeta

“Now here’s an idea! Try to imagine Cell….killing me and all of your friends!” – Goku as he trains Gohan.

These are moments like these that make me anxious to watch the series every Saturday:

““I am a god with a heart, but there’s one thing I cannot tolerate… people who don’t pay proper respect to others!” Beerus, 6

“Don’t ever forget this pain” Vegeta, 37

“Finally. Today is the day you will draw your last breath, Saiyan.” Black, 47

“I am looking at things from a much higher perspective than you. I observe this world, this universe, the truth of all things. And I have realized that humans must be destroyed. Out of all which the gods have made, mortals are their sole failure. In order to make this world, this universe, into a beautiful utopia, I must remove humanity, in place of the gods who refuse to admit their mistake.” Black, 51

“Look at this color… isn’t it beautiful? If i put a name on it, it will be Rosé… Super Saiyan Rosé.” Black, 56

“Shall I tell you where you miscalculated? That body…down to the very corners of its cells…was made by Kakarot’s long, fierce history of combat! For you, it’s just a borrowed vessel! Only a true numbskull like him can use the Saiyan cells within it to their fullest!Would you like to know? It’s because you’re a fake. And I’m the Saiyan prince, Vegeta-sama! That’s why!” Vegeta, 63

“My form is justice! My form is the world! Revere me. Praise me. This noble and beautiful…immortal and most powerful god… Zamasu!” Gattai Zamasu, 64

“I’m the fusion between Vegeta and Kakarot, Vegetto. And this is… Vegetto Blue!” Vegetto, 66

“It is not about Gods nor mortals! I won’t lose to someone who can’t believe in anyone but himself! You wallow in your own justice alone, we’ll never let you crush our will to live!” Mirai Trunks, 66

“By having their backs taken easily, people accept that they’re going to die.” Hit, 71

“Come if you wanna! I’ll take you on! Gather the strongest guys you can and come at me! I’ll beat every last one of them!” Goku, 81

“Everyone, it appears we have no time, so there’ll be no compllmentary service, but don’t hold it against me” Freeza, 94

“Son Gohan. I’m grateful that i met you. But i carry the fate of Universe 10. I have something to protect!” Obuni, 103

“Goku, Kuririn, you two are the ones who taught me that this old man still has a future and it’s too early to decide my limits. You’re the ones who taught me that by continuing to aim for higher heights. My students! Move well! Learn well! Play well, eat well and rest well! Enjoy your lives, merrily and to the fullest! The Kame style is with you! This is the great, most power full Kamehameha” Roshi, 105

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