While this may seem obvious, there may be a few of you who don’t know where the brushes are located. Never fear; they are easy to find. Figure shows the location of the Brush tool in Photoshop.


The location of the Brush tool in Photoshop.

The Brush tool is the eighth icon on the toolbar if you are using a toolbar that is a single icon wide. If your toolbar is two icons wide, the Brush tool is the fourth icon down on the right side of the toolbar. If you click this icon and hold down your mouse button, the icon will expand to show the Pencil tool and the Color Replacement tool. Figure shows the Pencil and Color Replacement tools.


‘The submenu item showing the Brush tool, the Pencil tool, and the Color Replacement Tool.

The Pencil tool is a very small version of the brush. You can increase its size, but you should have no reason to do so. Leave the Pencil tool small for fine work and use the Brush tool for painting. The Color Replacement tool will replace a selected color in your image with a new color. The keyboard shortcut is “B” for all three tools.

When you click the Brush icon, notice that the Options bar at the top of the screen changes to reflect the currently selected tool, as shown in Figure The first icon on the Options bar is the Tool Preset Picker. When the Brush tool is selected and the Preset Picker activated, Photoshop displays three brushes by default.

This is a great place to add and store your most commonly used brushes to have them close for easy access. Figure shows the Tool Preset Picker menu. Depending on how you have customized the Photoshop CS3 workspace, you may or may not have a Tool Preset icon visible.

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