Frieza’s ass is hiding! He’d better be! He can’t compete. His Golden Trump was a match for Goku’s Blue, but with everything going on, we’ll see Frieza come out of the shadows after a soul droningly exhausted Goku defeats Jiren. He’ll then kick Goku off the stage to be the sole survivor to win the Super Dragon Balls. After having Whis wish him to be the most powerful being in the universe, the Grand Priest is going to inform him that his cowardice allows him his wish, but with the condition that Zeno picks which universe he’s the most powerful in. Zeno picks one of the already erased universes and Frieza just vanishes…

That’s what he gets for trying to act clever when he’s really just afraid of dying. Again. Goku will then plead with the Omni Kings to bring back the Universes and they’ll agree as long as they have this same fight everyday for the rest of eternity. The Grand Priest will inform them that, in order for the fights to stay exciting, the combatants will need a period of three years to train and get better. Three years is like three seconds to Zeno so he’ll agree. Three years later, we’ll find out that now there are Five Zeno’s because the first two wanted more people to play with and the new ones just had to see it. Crazy as it sounds, Goku and Vegeta have each gotten trillions of times stronger because they spent 10,000 years training in the center of black holes-where time practically stands still- and have forms called Ultra Saiyan Omega where they are pure kinetic energy with tachyons circling them. Jiren is exactly the same though. AND HE’S HAPPY. He has a wife and twin girls… Okay, okay… that’s enough!

Frieza is probably in an energy cocoon somewhere, trying not to be pushed out of bounds by all of the energy following everywhere.

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