Goku fanboys shut the fuck up and sit down everyone who said that Goku wins is a pure dumbass.

Goku didn’t annihilate the universe, Beerus and him almost did. Goku got him to stop before it happened. Even if he did, blowing up universes isn’t that impressive. Goku, Beerus, and them haven’t done anything that’s not already been done or been done better in Marvel/DC. There’s been characters blowing up multiple universes at a time before Dragon Ball ever existed. A series of shockwaves means that it took MORE than 1 shockwave in a COMBINED feat. Thus, NEITHER of them are universal. Remember, Goku ADMITTED to not being able to survive a starbuster in the ROF manga. Goku had already learned SSB when he made that admission. Thus, it DEBUNKS any claim of him nullifying a universal level oneshot punch. Whis clearly said that Beerus and Goku couldn’t survive their clash. Zeno he’s NOT Omni. The very FACT that he could NOT see and/or sense how fast some contestants in the tournament were moving DEBUNKS the claim that he’s omni. Also, it’s actually Toribot that’s Omni since Toribot is an Aspect of Toriyama HIMSELF. Also, at NO TIME has Zeno ever ONESHOT more than 1 universe. The manga and the anime NEVER back up any claim of him doing a Multiversal oneshot.

Marvel and DC’s universes are vastly larger than DBZ’s.

Power levels are BULLSH*T. They don’t scale like that. They don’t scale AT ALL mathematically. Akira Toriyama himself stopped using them because they were RETARDED. You can only use them to compare characters to each other RELATIVELY SPEAKING, not ABSOLUTELY or MATHEMATICALLY SPEAKING. Goku lost to a non-fully-charged Cell, a person who claimed that exact feat, but only after charging up, and then getting a zenkai boost of indeterminate magnitude from nearly dying and then healing back to full strength.

This just gets me so angry. The writer tries to put some numbers in the show/manga for fans to keep track of, then stops using them because it’s failing, and people start thinking they know something because of a few numbers that were randomly tossed around to make the show/manga more interesting to nerds who payed that much attention to it. Never do this again.

Power levels dont mean anything. You cannot factually tell me what even a million power level points of difference make. You can make up all kinds of bull, sure, even I could do that, but you dont actually know and have no proof. The ONLY way to have an intelligent conversation is to use evidence and TREAT IT SCIENTIFICALLY. If you use opponents he’s beaten as evidence of how he’d fare against anyone else, then you have to at least be able to QUANTIFY his opponents feats. Ive never seen anything that leads me to believe Goku or any Z character can survive in the Sun/Sun like temperatures, which until proven otherwise. Hulk has survived planet busting attacks physically and temperatures hotter than the sun physically throughout 50 years of comics.

Ive never seen a DBZ character strike/destroy anything of notable mass ever. They can blast the moon, but thats saying Hulks casual, everyday punches are on par with the most powerful attacks in the DBZ arsenal, KI blasts. I dont believe any DBZ character could bust a moon with their fists. If Especially considering Goku gets bloodied all to heck just from being punched into rocks.

Never mind the other things WB Hulk did, like kill several at-least-universe-level Gamma Monsters as collateral damage, and casually overpowering Dormammu in his own realm. And of course these feats are merely in line with other feats he’s performed over the decades, like tearing multiverses in half, destroying universes by clapping his hands, shaking the omniverse, and so on and so forth (he has dozens of at least multi-universal feats). You know, the kinds of feats that require multiple infinities just to explain how many infinities of power Hulk has thrown around. Hulk possesses an incredible level of superhuman physical ability. His capacity for physical strength is potentially limitless due to the fact that the Hulk’s strength increases proportionally with his level of great emotional stress, anger in particular. The Hulk uses his superhumanly strong leg muscles to leap great distances. The Hulk has been known to cover hundreds of miles in a single bound and once leaped almost into orbit around the Earth. The Hulk can also use his superhumanly leg muscles to run at super speeds, although his legs have limitless strength he does not have limitless speed and once he reaches a certain speed his legs become too strong and destroy the ground giving him no friction to run on, therefore he jumps to travel. The Hulk can slam his hands together creating a shock wave, this shock wave can deafen people, send objects flying and extinguish fires. His thunderclap has been compared to hurricanes and sonic booms. The Hulk has shown a high resistance to physical damage nearly regardless of the cause, and has also shown resistance to extreme temperatures, mind control, nuclear explosions, poisons, and all diseases. In addition to the regeneration of limbs, vital organs, and damaged or destroyed areas of tissue at an amazing rate. The Hulk also has superhuman endurance.The Hulk’s body also has a gland that makes an “oxygenated per fluorocarbon emulsion”, which creates pressure in the Hulk’s lungs and effectively lets him breathe underwater and move quickly between varying depths without concerns about decompression or nitrogen narcosis.

He can topple buildings and crush cars like they were made of Styrofoam. Bullets and missiles are like gnat bites to him. Hulk even has a healing factor to rival Wolverine’s. No matter how much damage Goku causes, Hulk will always get up and come back for more.

But Hulk’s greatest asset is the fact that his strength is truly limitless. The madder Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. Foes like The Leader and The Abomination have tried to exploit the fact that they can fight smarter than Hulk. Inevitably, they make the mistake of pissing the Jade Giant off and allowing him to boost his strength to unimaginable levels. At some point, no matter how valiantly Goku fights, he’ll be overwhelmed by sheer power. Hulk can create massive shock waves with thunderclaps, as Banner he has a genius intellect that can create incredibly advanced technologies, can absorb dark magic and dimensional nexus energies to grow stronger, immune to nuclear and radiation-based attacks and can absorb their power, extremely resistant to transmutation and other such matter manipulation powers, can touch energy as if it were solid and tangible, limited Reactive Evolution (His body has adapted to breathing underwater), resistant to unwilling teleportation.

Dwarf Star level (He caused this much destruction in his clash against Red She-Hulk). Likely increases to Solar System level when sufficiently enraged (He has consistently been portrayed as comparable to Thor, has matched the full power of The Sentry, and empowered a force field that temporarily halted the Celestial Exitar, who was much larger than the Earth.

x1000 speed of light Combat speed and reactions (Scaling from Thor. He has also consistently been shown to keep up with Sentry, Gladiator, Hyperion, and Silver Surfer.

2×10^29 to ? kg The mass of a smaller star up to a solar system. Increases exponentially with rage (Capable of supporting the weight of a star, holding tectonic plates together, lifting and throwing mountains, pushed a 10x stronger than normal warrior’s madness Thor towards the ground with one arm, separated spheres of matter and anti-matter, etc.

Dwarf Star Class (Capable of creating earthquakes across the entire Eastern Seaboard with a mere footstep, smashing asteroids and planetoids to pieces, has destroyed planets, and broken through planet-moving energies). Likely increases to Solar System Class when sufficiently enraged (Physically overpowered Onslaught, matched the full power of the Sentry, and has overpowered Thor on various occasions.

when enraged (Among other things, he has withstood magical energy measured as 100 times stronger than Hercules’ most powerful blows). Regeneration makes him extremely difficult to kill, as his healing factor was once depicted as powerful enough to bring his future “Maestro” self back to life from being reduced to powder.

His stamina as long as he remains angry, it is virtually limitless.

As Hulk, most incarnations are not very bright, but capable of surprisingly clever battle tactics. World War Hulk has adult human – level intelligence and is even more clever in battle. As Banner, he is one of the most brilliant scientists on Marvel earth, rivaling the likes of Tony Stark, and Reed Richards. Banner is recognized as THE premier expert on radiation. Claimed to be one of the eight smartest people on Earth. When in an intelligent stare of mind, he is proficient in martial arts, due to training from Iron Fist.

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