It’s very tough to say how popular Dragon Ball Super is. But one thing for sure is that.. it is VERY popular. Some haters may call it trash but as much as they hate Dragon Ball Super, these haters are still helping Dragon Ball Super to become popular as well. You can say that a bad publicity is still publicity.

Anyway, Dragon Ball Super maybe trash to some people, but it is their opinion, so nothing can be done about it but to respect their opinion about the show (if that is what they feel about the series). BUT an opinion backup by numbers is more credible than an opinion based on preference and bias subjective because numbers are facts that cannot be denied.

For example:

Dragon Ball Super has an IMDb rating of 8.1/10 and that is pretty popular because a series that have have 8+ rating over 10 is high. Not to mention that in every anime streaming sites you go, Dragon Ball Super is ALWAYS included in the “most viewed anime” in the popular watch list because of number of clicks generated by people watching it weekly and continuously maintaining that number of clicks so that it can be included always in the popular watch list.

In Japan, Dragon Ball Super has a consistent rating of 4–5+ TV Rating which is a good indication that the TV series is doing good. The fact also that the series go beyond 100+ episodes is already a testament that Dragon Ball Super is doing fine as it signifies that the company is willing to continue investing money in the franchise. Because remember, a trash series that is no longer popular will definitely get cancelled as it no longer generates profit for the company.

And lastly, another fact that makes Dragon ball Super’s testament of its popularity is when various popular anime streaming websites went down and crashed during the episode when Goku reached Ultra Instinct for the first time, signifying that the servers wasn’t able to hold the massive number of people who want to watch the episode all at the same time. I don’t remember any anime that caused such milestone to breakdown the anime website servers except Dragon Ball Super. I think that milestone speaks for itself explaining how popular it is.

The things I provided are just testaments of its popularity. Some people may have different opinion calling the show trash, but that is only their opinion that should be respected BUT should NOT be considered as facts.

Facts are undeniable statements like statistics and numbers because numbers are solid arguments that cannot be swayed by opinions.

For example, DBS IMDb rating of 8.1 is STILL 8.1, no matter how much others hate the series.

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